Tom Kelley’s “The Ten Faces of Innovation”

  1. Go for quantity; throw in 100 ideas, and pick best 5
  2. Encourage wild idea and expect the unexpected
  3. Be visual; write on a draft paper and find new relationships, just as in drawing
  4. Defer judgments; hear all the 100 ideas and then criticize
  5. One conversation at a time



7 thoughts on “Brainstorming

  1. More discussion on brainstorming:
    1) You should have options, and many options to pick the best ideas or solutions for your business, and should set a numerical goal. I have a notebook where I write down all the ideas that strike me, and every time I want to write down the next idea, I try to rate previous ideas, as bad, OK, good and brilliant (I do get those too, rarely!)
    2) Never reject an outlandish idea in the first place. It’s been said so many times that you need to be REMARKABLE and be on the edge! Question the status quo, and you will be surprised that many assumptions do not hold strong anymore, e.g. you should have an angel investor before going after VC funding or that hardware is always more expensive than software!
    3) Art drawing is all about relationships between objects and their position beside each other. By drawing your business model on a piece of paper, you too have to create relationships.
    4) I go over my note book and revisit the rating I had previously set for my ideas. It often happens that I need to demote some from brilliant to OK or good to bad.
    5) It let’s hear more ideas and learn from suggestions!

    Happy brainstorming!

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