15 things to do daily

1. Eat breakfast

2. Plan your day

3. Don’t check e-mail right away

4. Remember your purpose

5. Single-task

6. Visualize

7. Say no

8. Value your time. Unlike money, time is a non-renewable resource. There’s simply no way to make more of it. Guard your time and spend it doing the most important things for yourself and your company. Avoid distractions whenever possible. Whether you facilitate or attend a meeting, online or in person, get clear about the start and end time. Whenever someone requests a meeting or consultation with you, try asking for the questions in advance so you can do my research ahead of time. This will keeps you on time and on task.

9. Delegate

10. Listen

11. Show gratitude

12. Stand up and move around

13. Breathe deeply

14. Take a lunch break

15. Clear your desk




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