Question: how to keep competitiveness besides a core patentable technology?

  • Management team (I keep coming back to this one)
  • Access to big customers
  • Access to certain distribution channels
  • Corporate culture and company’s vision are most difficult to replicate

Good to Great

The best source I found to transform from good to great is the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Great companies have all shown the following traits:

  • Level 5 Leadership (the most important)
  • First Who Then What
  • Confront the brutal facts
  • HEDGEHOG CONCEPT (my favorite)
  • Culture of Discipline
  • Technology Accelerators


Like rafting

  1. You need a leader/guide who has experience and can lead you through wild waters
  2. Everybody on-board should trust and obey the leader
  3. Instructions should be thorough, clear and understood to everyone before getting on-board
  4. Paddlers should paddle with the same cadence
  5. Directions from the leader should be relayed to all the paddlers
  6. Different attitudes are necessary on-board; the brave at the front, the conserved in the middle and the loud at the back and the leader at the steering holding the directions
  7. Each person’s mistake can make him/her fall off or capsize the whole raft
  8. The leader has to make sure everybody is prepared before the raft enters into erratic waves
  9. The raft must avoid obstructions and fall itself at the right angle into the wild current
  10. The ride should be enjoyable to everyone!