Nine Deadly Sins (guaranteed way to success)

A) Sickness (stay healthy)
B) Inertia (start NOW)
C) Doubts (only built what you would want to use)
D) Laziness (toiling over the mountains)
E) Carelessness or be detail oriented
F) Vacillating (no middle ground)
G) No progress (move to another idea or business)
H) Delusions (“Am I smoking crack?”)
I) You Fall Backwards (Time to get creative now to overcome obstacles)



Purple Cow Marketing

This is the window display of XC Art Restoration Inc on 604 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Toronto. Website:

Art Restoration Inc

Creative Marketing

Window Display

Entire Window Display

I really like it very much as it is different and it stands out. I stop by the first time I passed by the store to wonder if this was an accident and why the bowl was broken into pieces. It gets more interesting, since the next door is also a china shop and here is their window display.

China and Pottery Shop

Old School Marketing

Which one gets your attention?