Like rafting

  1. You need a leader/guide who has experience and can lead you through wild waters
  2. Everybody on-board should trust and obey the leader
  3. Instructions should be thorough, clear and understood to everyone before getting on-board
  4. Paddlers should paddle with the same cadence
  5. Directions from the leader should be relayed to all the paddlers
  6. Different attitudes are necessary on-board; the brave at the front, the conserved in the middle and the loud at the back and the leader at the steering holding the directions
  7. Each person’s mistake can make him/her fall off or capsize the whole raft
  8. The leader has to make sure everybody is prepared before the raft enters into erratic waves
  9. The raft must avoid obstructions and fall itself at the right angle into the wild current
  10. The ride should be enjoyable to everyone!

Simplicity & Sincerity

  • When dealing with humans keep it simple!!! (Cisco as a bad example)
  • It gives a sense of appreciation and creates good image.
  • When answering a phone, SMILE! it is still noticeable.
  • Everybody is technical and professional, yet a few are affectionate and caring.
  • Keeping things simple is smart.

Two Advertising Lessons

  1. Honest
    There is this ad on TV about [Proactive] face lotion (?), and in one spot they have Jessica Simpson (?) saying “I use [face lotion] to keep my skin clean” — I don’t recall the exact wording , but something in that line– but she never mentions the brand name of the product she uses!!! This is very a misleading and negative advertisement.
  2. Customer oriented
    Enterprise puts a sticker on the bumper of each rental car, indicating that the car is rented from Enterprise. What I hear is that many people do not want to show that the car is actually rental and prefer other car rental companies for that one reason (negative advertising).


  • Nothing will change unless you change
  • The more drastic the change it is, the more time it takes to change
  • Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Environment Matters

  • “Show me your friends and I will tell you what your future is like!”

I don’t know the reference!, but I really believe in it. There are many smart, hardworking people, but in the end it all depends who you know.

  • Build trust and friendship by “Act of Random Kindness“.
  • Even, where you live matters a lot. Move!
    Have you heard of Djoimon Gaston Hounso,  the model who used to be homeless when he first moved to France?
  • Place yourself in a highly competitive environment, where everyone desires for betterment.

Obvious Yet Difficult

  • Don’t be a follower

Learn from heroes and heroines, still be true to yourself and accept yourself as a distinguished individual.

History books are full of significant names, yet missing yours!

There are some patterns in the history, but it is still a chaotic system (unpredictable unless all the inputs are known). So, it’s not a good idea to follow, and you wont’ get the same results.


One Short Rule

  • The best decisions in life are the ones you don’t make; this needs a bit of explanation. It implies that if you have got to make a decision to start a business or dedicate your life to something, it’s better be the best thing to do. Be afraid of loosing your time.
  • I initially wanted to write, making a bad decision is better than no decision. However, it overrules the first statement. So, I’d say make your best decisions fast!