Business Plan

In your business plan cover the following topics:

  1. Vision: your elevator pitch
  2. Problem: is this an Aspirin or Vitamin? why do customers care?
  3. Market: who are your customers?
  4. Solution: how are you solving the customer’s pain (high level)?
  5. Technology: what is your secret sauce? include development risks
  6. Business Model: pricing and gross margin
  7. Sales Cycle: value chain, product pull, distribution channels
  8. Competitors: key companies, strengths and Weaknesses
  9. Competitive Advantage: key differentiators (are you 10 times better?)
  10. Team: management and board of directors (who’s behind you?)
  11. Traction Record: key achievements and traction creation
  12. Financial Plan: 1st year monthly cash flow and five year projection
  13. Capital Structure: who owns what and price paid
  14. Offer: how much for what percentage (how profitable your venture is?)

This list is adapted from OCRI’s outline for an investor pitch.