Dan Sullivan’s 4C’s – How to Execute on any Vision

It takes 4C’s to take off any new venture off the ground, as Peter Diamandis quotes Dan Sulllivan:

  • “The first is to make a commitment
  • This commitment gives you the willpower and energy you need for the second C: courage
  • With commitment and courage, you have the power to create capability
  • And finally, armed with commitment, courage and capability, you then have confidence to execute your vision.

One of the best ways I’ve found to realize the 4 C’s is to surround yourself with the right people.”



Question: how to keep competitiveness besides a core patentable technology?

  • Management team (I keep coming back to this one)
  • Access to big customers
  • Access to certain distribution channels
  • Corporate culture and company’s vision are most difficult to replicate