Implement Habit-forming Behaviour to Win Customers

Remember this life cycle when developing a habit-forming products to win more customers:

  1. First, you need a trigger, such as an advertisement, commercial, or other marketing materials
  2. The customer needs to take an action, and the customer has to have the will and also be able to take the action in simple steps
  3. Customer has to be instantly rewarded for taking the action and using the product
  4. The product has to be habit-building by offering rewards and changing the customer’s behaviour for the customer to take the action again

Dan Sullivan’s 4C’s – How to Execute on any Vision

It takes 4C’s to take off any new venture off the ground, as Peter Diamandis quotes Dan Sulllivan:

  • “The first is to make a commitment
  • This commitment gives you the willpower and energy you need for the second C: courage
  • With commitment and courage, you have the power to create capability
  • And finally, armed with commitment, courage and capability, you then have confidence to execute your vision.

One of the best ways I’ve found to realize the 4 C’s is to surround yourself with the right people.”