The question is which one helps you better in entrepreneurship, an MBA or MFA?

  • The market for beauties never dies out.
  • Whatever you make, make it beautiful!
  • Entrepreneurship is about making a meaning, not money“, Guy Kawasaki, watched on IEEE TV
  • Never lose the big picture (to make life easier and more beautiful) — need to train your right brain!


This one really stuck with me:

“Even the very best intentions can never take the place of being dependable, punctual, reliable and credible”

Your Attitude Is Showing by Sharon Lund O”Neil, 2006


Recite this

It’s easy enough to be cheerful when life flows

along like a song

but the person who is worthwhile is the person

with a smile

when everything goes dead wrong. ” –Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Execution Is Key

It’s always been a challenge to innovative and to create something that nobody has thought of before. Compare online networking/dating sites, aesthetic and beauty products, VOIP companies or virtually anything else; there is always a competition with similar ideas at the core, but different execution in practice.

  • Perfect EXECUTION is the distinguishing factor in success!
  • The best product is not necessarily the most popular, e.g. Apply iPod.
  • They say a great start is half of the success, yet a great finish is all the success.