Want to make a successful startup?

Doing a startup is a process and the process for success is well known. There are still many, many uncertainties and challenges and that is why startups are so exciting. 

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 Hazem Awad, www.hazemawad.com


What About Business Plan!

How to write a business plan, I asked Aydin, founder of chide.it and here is what he said:

1) it makes you write on paper what you are going to do to make lots of money.
2) it shows investors how you plan on making lots of money.
but, at the end of the day, look at your plan from a 3rd party perspective and ask yourself, would I loan this business 10k as an angel investor? If your answer is yes, then you’re in good shape”
simple and to the point!


This one really stuck with me:

“Even the very best intentions can never take the place of being dependable, punctual, reliable and credible”

Your Attitude Is Showing by Sharon Lund O”Neil, 2006


Good to Great

The best source I found to transform from good to great is the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Great companies have all shown the following traits:

  • Level 5 Leadership (the most important)
  • First Who Then What
  • Confront the brutal facts
  • HEDGEHOG CONCEPT (my favorite)
  • Culture of Discipline
  • Technology Accelerators