Meetings That Don’t Suck!

Here are some useful tips on how to organize good, productive meetings:

  • Kill the status meeting: check-in meetings are not efficient or relevant to everyone
  • Hold one-on-one meetings sacred: more important than group meetings
  • Every meeting must have a single owner
  • Your calendar doesn’t make you important: you don’t have to sit at every meeting
  • Calendars shouldn’t postpone decisions: you should be available for decision making meetings
  • Keep meetings small: under 5 people
  • Consider the opportunity cost of every meeting
  • Treat other people’s calendars as a scarce resource
  • Escalate, don’t undermine: just move to the decision makers
  • If the meeting is over, end the meeting: if you finish early, end the meeting
  • Declare calendar bankruptcy: if need be, start over with your bookings



Meeting with New People

Remember to

  • Not reject the idea you hear right off the bat. Listen to it carefully and try to understand where it is coming from. The chances are the people in the meeting are more interested about that.
  • Never forget to say “How Can I Help You?”
  • Always have a follow-on action and continue the conversation beyond the meeting
  • State the perks connection with you can bring to the table and mention your capabilities and resources
  • Share the big picture of what you are working on
  • Stay GENUINE