Execution Is Key

It’s always been a challenge to innovative and to create something that nobody has thought of before. Compare online networking/dating sites, aesthetic and beauty products, VOIP companies or virtually anything else; there is always a competition with similar ideas at the core, but different execution in practice.

  • Perfect EXECUTION is the distinguishing factor in success!
  • The best product is not necessarily the most popular, e.g. Apply iPod.
  • They say a great start is half of the success, yet a great finish is all the success.

Negotiation Tools

Great negotiation tools are over basic human interests [Roger Fisher & William Ury]:

  • “security”
  • “economic well-being”
  • “a sense of belonging”
  • “recognition”
  • “control over one’s life”

If You Think You Know What You Should Do

  • Once you think you should do something, don’t hesitate it! Just do it right away.

A lot of times, it happens that I really feel or know that I should do something, sometimes there is some time to do it, such as changing the job, calling parents or friends, or getting car brakes checked. But often it is only a moment left to do and if you don’t do it at the that moment, it will be lost, such examples abound, seeing the supervisor or boss on the other side of the street and avoiding him, not buying the second domain name, not stopping by to buy corns from a road side vendor, …

  • More thinking = delay = procrastination = … = more complications = sorry!