Execution Is Key

It’s always been a challenge to innovative and to create something that nobody has thought of before. Compare online networking/dating sites, aesthetic and beauty products, VOIP companies or virtually anything else; there is always a competition with similar ideas at the core, but different execution in practice.

  • Perfect EXECUTION is the distinguishing factor in success!
  • The best product is not necessarily the most popular, e.g. Apply iPod.
  • They say a great start is half of the success, yet a great finish is all the success.



2 thoughts on “Execution Is Key

  1. To achieve perfect EXECUTION, one should always check his spellings before hitting the “POST” button. Apple . 😀

    What’s wrong with the iPod? I thought people like them. It’s got the spinny wheel and holds lots of music. On the other hand, Jackie Chan does suck.

  2. The main reason that I never was am and will be interested in books about the success of billionaires or other famous people is that they always talk about things that you heard and they are nothing new about them like the thing you just said. I think big people are successful because they do really important things that come to them naturally and that’s why all these books are almost the same. Because none their authors write about these simple natural or habitual things about themselves.
    I completely buy all the things you say but ….

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