9 Things You Should Never Ask Employees to Do

  1. Pressure employees to attend “social” events
  2. Ask an employee to do something you already asked another employee to do
  3. Pressure employees to donate to a charity
  4. Make employees go without food at mealtime hours
  5. Ask employees to evaluate themselves
  6. Ask employees to evaluate their peers
  7. Reveal personal information in the interest of “team building”
  8. Ask employees to alert you when you “veer off course” — no win situation
  9. Ask employees to do something you don’t do — da!!!

[Source: http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/9-things-you-should-never-ask-employees-to-do.html]


Make Your Money’s Worth From Deal Sites

I was just at the Superior Rustproofing for the first time. The garage is 20min drive from my place and it is located in a rather secluded crescent, definitely not a kind of place you would pass by. The way I learned about them was through Dealicious.ca and a coupon I bought for oil spray rustproofing. If it was’t for the coupon, there was no way on earth I would have known these guys and trusted them with the job.

After trying a couple of times to book an appointment for a month later, I finally go there. The manager, who took my car in, immediately points out to the different levels of service and I could use the coupon towards more expensive services. Kudos that he’s trying to get more sales and get me to spend more at his shop. Not only he found a new customer that is going to talk about him but also he would get the customer to spend more and would charge extra on taxes that would easily make up for the money he spent on the coupon. The question remains if the customer a returning customer?!