Purple Cow Marketing

This is the window display of XC Art Restoration Inc on 604 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Toronto. Website: http://www.artrestoration.ca/

Art Restoration Inc

Creative Marketing

Window Display

Entire Window Display

I really like it very much as it is different and it stands out. I stop by the first time I passed by the store to wonder if this was an accident and why the bowl was broken into pieces. It gets more interesting, since the next door is also a china shop and here is their window display.

China and Pottery Shop

Old School Marketing

Which one gets your attention?


Many birds with one stone

I have been wondering for some time how I could get more customers effectively until I went to the gym at Good Life.
I really like what these guys do to get new customers; they hand out FREE one day passes that you as a member can pass on to your friends and have them go with you. This is just amazing and benefits everybody: you as a member are happy because you can bring a friend; your friend is happy because they get FREE pass and Good Life is happy because they got you to find and bring a new customer to them at what cost? only $2! where that customer could pay in membership fees over 5 years more than $3,000. THAT’S SMART!!!


Start-ups vs. Established Businesses

(Established) Businesses are all about 3 fundamental things:

  1. Production (be it building hardware, software or whatever),
  2. Operations (i.e. administration, human resources, management) and
  3. Marketing and Sales

Money is made in ONLY step 3 (Marketing and Sales). Operations is ONLY about moving (effectively and efficiently) from Stage 1 (production) to Stage 3 (Marketing and sales).

Start-ups are also quite similar but different in ONE key aspect from established businesses:

  1. Production,
  2. Operations, and
  3. Learning & Discovery (of customers & market)

The customers are unknown in start-ups and as Steve Blank in “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” asserts the emphasis for start-ups in early phases MUST be on Learning & Discovery (of your market, your customers, what problems they TRULY value and so on).

Only after a start-up has truly figured this one out, does it transit to Marketing and Sales.

Hazem Awad