What Type of Hardware?

There are many to name, but these are the ones not to build:

  • FUNware is not a business
  • EASYware is not defensible
  • SAMEware is not positioned well enough
  • SOLUTIONware great technology in search of applications
  • VAPORware when not a complete scam, it is naively optimistic and end up not shipping
  • LAMEware did not keep its promise and ships a mediocre product
  • FAILware kept on specs but successfully built something nobody wants
  • LATEware handled manufacturing so badly it shipped after the competitors it woke up
  • LOSSware has been priced badly and can’t make a profit. Can it cross the Bridge of Death? (http://techcrunch.com/2013/11/28/financing-lean-hardware/)
  • BOREware gets boring after a short time
  • FUTUREware is so futuristic that the majority won’t buy it until many moons have passed
  • LOCALware is so tied to the local ecosystem it can’t be done elsewhere

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/06/the-lean-hardware-startup-investing-in-hardware-startups/


My Design Checklist

Remember these simple rules when designing any new system that interacts with the human user:

  • It must look elegant and appealing to the eye — first, it’s all about the presentation
  • It must fail, if ever, gracefully — it will happen and better prepare for it
  • It should have an element of surprise and enlightenment — give more and delight the user
  • It should be designed for the good user in mind — hackers will always try to exploit the system, so dont penalize the good user
  • Think about performance and think it thorough — second, it’s all about the functions
  • Dont forget the grandma rule — your grandma should quickly learn how to use the system
  • Every system will require some training and have that in mind
  • Dont forget to have fun with it — it’s your life and your time going into it