Caveat Emptor

  • Never let your ignorance fool you
  • It’s always the buyers responsibility to make sure the purchase is worth the price
  • Generalize this to everything, finding a friend, getting married, working in a job and so on
  • Knowledge is true power
  • Knowledge makes profit


Social skills play the most important role in your success:

  • Not always the smartest get selected, usually the most popular
  • Have the learning attitude at all times
  • Communicate everyday with your team; share the vision and keep the motivated
  • Don’t just rely on emails! make phone calls or go see them face to face
  • Be honest at all times
  • Keep your promises or don’t make any in the first place
  • Learn to say a clear NO!


I see entrepreneurship now as a marathon race; there are many similarities that make me say any one who wishes to become an entrepreneur should run in a marathon race before he/she starts

  • You get to run with the best, the champions
  • The race is for all, the rookies and the pros
  • Once you start the race, everybody cheers up and sincerely wishes you success
  • Along the way, families, friends and strangers keep motivating you and encouraging to finish the race
  • You have to be on a plan and use your strong legs; otherwise you go out of fuel very soon or fall
  • Run your best
  • You can see the pros way ahead of you venting their way through the finish line
  • Yes, you are competing with them in the same race
  • Along the way, you have to learn it is not all about winning and there are people ahead of you
  • It’s a long, challenging and maybe frustrating journey
  • Learn to enjoy it
  • On your way to the finish line, wisely use the resources available to you and use them efficiently
  • Once you get close to the finish line, you need extra thrust to finish
  • Make sure your shoes are the right ones to run with
  • Definitely carry water with you
  • Know about the elevation along your path and adjust your pace accordingly
  • Other runners will pass by you along the way! Don’t loose your enthusiasm
  • Don’t get distracted and be focused all the way
  • It’s about first finishing, second breaking your records and finally be the first place
  • After the race take some time to recuperate and relax
  • Already thinking of the next race?


  • Good time management reduces both physical and mental stress; stay healthy and sound
  • Mental stress, depression, unhappiness can lead to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). That’s horrible!
  • With how much money can one buy a second of life?
  • Happiness is enjoyment! do what you enjoy, otherwise never live a happily
  • Don’t kid yourself! you cannot cheat yourself!
  • Give attention to details, that’s what makes a difference

First Short Rules

  1. Never lose your references
  2. Finish the work you started; it does not need to be perfect. Better be done today than longing for future perfection
  3. Perfection is a gradual work
  4. Do well in whatever you do
  5. Respond to an email right after you read it
  6. Act on possibilities