11 Unusual Methods for Being a Great Public Speaker

  1. Start off with a joke
  2. Get on their level
  3. Very important: I very very slightly slur my words
  4. Try to use JUST one word plus one image per page
  5. Try to shock people on each slide
  6. Self-deprecating, showing you have the same fears, worries, faults that they do and let’s solve some of those problems
  7. A talk should be a three act structure GREED, FEAR and SHOW — I personally prefer AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action
  8. The Pretty Girl Rule: it’s about presentation
  9. Never ever self-promote
  10. Simple facts nobody knows
  11. Tell Stories. This is a must. Whenever anyone goes to a talk they are signing up for a couple of reasons:
    1. They want to know they are OK
    2. They want to know how they can be better
    3. They want to be entertained
    4. They want to know more about you

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