Succeed Everyday

  1. Make two columns on a piece of paper. List what you do on a daily basis in the first column, the activities that take up most of your time. In the second column, list the outcome (your return).
  2. Define your goals, short-term  and long-term and determine how much it will take to achieve each goal
  3. Construct the path/plan
  4. Prioritize and set time commitments for each activity that will lead you to your goals
  5. Stay focused
  6. Diversify your interests
  7. Reflect
  8. Update your plan

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Attract People You Deserve

Here are the 5 top tips to attract people you deserve:

  • Invest time and energy in creating your (business) values – and then embrace and live by them. Once you have your values in place this creates a perfect grounding for everything people related
  • If you do recruit people, think of HR as an experience – not how you use humans as resources, but rather how those people are able to experience and engage with your business
  • Invest in yourself and your people leaders – you can have all the ideas and new innovations in the world, but if you aren’t engaged with what you are trying to achieve, you won’t get buy in.
  • Be authentic. In a workspace, that means allow people to come to work as themselves and not their job titles – people will always have good and bad days and managers need to accept that. Apply the same authenticity to your personal life.
  • Get to know who your people really are and what makes them tick – how do they like their coffee? Do they even drink coffee? What are their pet peeves? Do they like private or public recognition? The more you know – the more it actually shows you care about them as individuals.

As a leader you have a responsibility to work harder on yourself than on your business.

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