Corporate Culture

One of the best Corporate Cultures to strive for is here

Transparency and honesty

Our thoughts and opinions are openly shared with each other. No fluff, no judgments, no BS.


Our promise is to provide regular updates regarding our business. Making time for communication will always be a priority. No matter what time of day it is. Well maybe except at 3am.

Mutual respect

We treat each other the way we expect to be treated, with courtesy, consideration and respect. Treating each other to the occasional Tim Horton’s or Starbucks helps as well.


“Us” is valued more than “I”. Your opinion and perspective is important and valuable. Innovation and ideas are the foundation of our company and our promise is to celebrate all successes and manage the misses as a team.

Entrepreneurial spirit

The energy and drive of a start-up is what got us this far. We are committed to preserving our entrepreneurial spirit and pride as we transition to our next cycle of growth. Informal and spontaneous employee gatherings, agility and quick-decision making will continue to thrive at Mercatus.

Social responsibility

We seize every opportunity to collectively give back to the important social causes of today as well as causes that are important to Mercatus employees. So, if you want to help protect the piranhas in South America, we’re here to support you.

Fun and spontaneity

Humor is part of everyday life at Mercatus. We believe in hard work but we don’t take ourselves too seriously (as you can tell).