The question is which one helps you better in entrepreneurship, an MBA or MFA?

  • The market for beauties never dies out.
  • Whatever you make, make it beautiful!
  • Entrepreneurship is about making a meaning, not money“, Guy Kawasaki, watched on IEEE TV
  • Never lose the big picture (to make life easier and more beautiful) — need to train your right brain!



4 thoughts on “MBA or MFA?

  1. Well, I also believe entrepreneurship is about making a meaning, doing a service, or solving a problem. Meaningful money will come afterward and esp. when the service is really needed. Money is with no doubt a facilitator.

    For money making ideas, I look around and try to find a solution to some of those problems we are facing right now!
    No need to say that earning an MBA/MFA degree is no guarantee for making tons of money, so I don’t say it! 🙂

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