• Use all possible resources of income or create them
  • Create multichannel revenue business model

This is no secret, but one should be innovative to see and create a multichannel revenue model.

Omega park has done this perfectly; you buy tickets to get in the park to see the animals. Some of the animals are brought there from animal protection agencies. Volunteers and animal lovers also work there for free. You buy carrots to feed the animals, so that they will come to you and your car to create the Park’s unique attraction. Animals will stay, because there is food in the park. There you buy food/drinks and souvenirs, rent a golf cart to roam around, or get on a balloon for an aerial show.




One thought on “Multichannel

  1. Funny enough that you happened to mention Omega park, because my mom wants me to take us there next week for her birthday. She always liked to see the animals up close (but behind the window). Let’s see how it goes.

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