Phone Phobia

In selling, there will be a lot of cold calling and sales pitching that can be intimidating. To help overcome the fear, remember:

  • Sales conversation is just a dialog
  • The prospects love to hear from you, since you are offering a solution for their problems
  • Selling is telling AFTER listening; no one likes sales pitches, but they ┬álike to talk about themselves

Negotiation Tools

Great negotiation tools are over basic human interests [Roger Fisher & William Ury]:

  • “security”
  • “economic well-being”
  • “a sense of belonging”
  • “recognition”
  • “control over one’s life”

Look In The Eyes

  • If your upset or mad at something, don’t let your body talk for you. It may be able to say what you need to say.
  • Always think ahead about the worst think that can happen, and then start the talk. The worst think will not happen, be confident!
  • Talk slowly in the beginning, if you are shy it helps you get started.
  • Recapitulate the situation that upset you.
  • Look in the eyes when talking; do not drop your head and keep your body upright.
  • Negotiate, but not over your positions as a customer, employer, etc.

Know Your Friends

  • Always know who you call a REAL friend
  • You will find them at times of hardship
  • Be ready for surprises from “friends” if you don’t know them well, especially when they become business partners
  • To keep the friendship, be forgiving but definitely communicative
  • Remember, you have to do your part to keep the friendship
  • Don’t get caught in accounting your friendship
  • Happily, give more than you receive in a friendship; remember your time can be up tomorrow
  • Build a network of good reliable people around you
  • Don’t mistake for friends at good times only
  • Has your friend ever criticized you to become a better person?
  • Keep such a friend!


Social skills play the most important role in your success:

  • Not always the smartest get selected, usually the most popular
  • Have the learning attitude at all times
  • Communicate everyday with your team; share the vision and keep the motivated
  • Don’t just rely on emails! make phone calls or go see them face to face
  • Be honest at all times
  • Keep your promises or don’t make any in the first place
  • Learn to say a clear NO!