Constantly Wise

  • Success is about making wise decisions at all times.
  • “Entrepreneurs have to be right 100% of times”, Bruce Firestone.
  • How can one make wise decisions at all times??? or at least reduce errors???



One thought on “Constantly Wise

  1. A businessman needs to have a bit of self-delusion to be successful. He has to visualize the goal despite the reality of disappointments and setbacks. An unsuccessful person will think negatively, mired by his own anxieties and hang-ups. Instead he must press on and forge into battle when it is clear that the supply line is cut and the enemy is strong. When the situation looks hopeless the successful man will ignore the reality, work even harder, and expect some kind of positive change that cannot be seen from his vantage point. Often times people will providentially come forward and help to steer the business man to different (or similar yet previously unknown) opportunities.

    I don’t think it is possible to venture into business without making errors. Many times the errors are not errors of execution, but instead are errors in managing customer expectations and handling the chaos of the customer’s own business reality and configuration. Even if the product you are selling operates like it was rails, if the customer has some kind of break in the tracks; no matter how efficient or timely or fitting your product may be; if you cannot resolve the customer’s chaos you are likely to lose that customer. Even if it were possible to fix that problem, by the time you do fix it and make the customer happy, you have lost the opportunity for greater gain had you spent less time with that customer and more with another. You never know which customer is going to become your advocate or even a partner.

    I think the biggest challenge in business is knowing when to cut your losses, and when to seize opportunity.

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